I don’t even know where to begin. Mrs. Tice really changed my perspective on therapy. I was very iffy on sharing my story with a stranger, but from the very beginning she made me feel comfortable and at ease. She really is passionate about her job! I was also skeptical because I wanted to know if therapy can really help me with my issues. I’m so grateful I was paired with her because she has really helped me overcome major difficulties in my life. The coping strategies she has taught me will stick with me forever. So my final verdict is Yes therapy can help you cope and get through some difficult times once you have a dedicated and caring therapist.


She made me feel comfortable immediately. You can tell that she really cares about helping and doesn't just do this for money. She made me feel that I was important and that my story was worth telling.


My coming out story wasn't the best. I have had counselors in the past be more interested in me being trans then what I came to them for. I really appreciated that I didn't feel labeled by her. She tells you upfront that she doesn't care if you are black, white, gay, straight or have a green mohawk with a purple tutu, when you come to her she just sees a person! Highly recommend her!

She was able to help me and my husband find some common ground after arguing and being unhappily married for SO LONG!!! We still have so much more work to do but I feel like we really have a chance now.


I had the best progress with her. She helps you find your strengths and weaknesses. The advise she gives are pretty unique and very adaptable to. She responds to my messages faster than I expect, also she gives goals and targets weekly; things to think about and improve on which in my opinion helps to becoming a better person, it is not just for people around you but interior-self. I very much recommend her for people like me who have lost their way in life and can’t get back up easily.


Ms. T has really helped with my confidence and helping me address the concerns. She is very responsive to my messages and sends me regular messages about things to think about and improve. After a couple of sessions I already felt less worried about all the things I was worried about and she has kept me accountable to the actions and goals we set at the session. Ms. T was also very accommodating in terms of our appointment time as I work rotating shifts and she was very flexible. I highly recommend her to anyone who truly wants a change

Chelle is great at listening to me and helping me to understand, during in our conversations we always have a laugh. I particularly like the way Rochelle gives examples for better understanding as it’s nice to be able to relate those to real life situations. The messages and homework haha to do after also are a big help as it gives you time to write and express and also helps as a starting point for sessions.

I was skeptical that online therapy could be the same as when I get to an office. I don't know how she made me feel so comfortable so quickly but she truly made me feel like she is invested in me getting better

She has been very available and helpful since we started talking. I like her views on things and posivity. She encourages me to trust myself more and be the better version of myself I can be.

Tillary is so empathic to my story. She is able to maintain patience and grace through our sessions. I can get a little hectic, and overwhelming which is why I am here. She never once should frustration which was really big for me because therapist in the past have gotten quite rude and impatient when it comes to hearing me out. I would recommend her to the entire world if I could ! She’s so amazing and I’m so happy to be connected to her. Thank you for what you do Tillary !


Tillary has been so understanding, helpful, and I feel so comfortable sharing my thoughts with her, which is always a big trouble for me to open up. My previous therapist stopped practicing and I'm just so glad I found Tillary.


I haven't been working long with Tillary, but I really have a good feeling with her. She's kind, relaxed, understanding and overall very professional. I'd fully recommend her!